2021 Art of the Cowgirl Elite Horse Sale

Presented by Western Horseman

Sunday, June 27th

Previews will start at 8 AM on Sunday, June 27th

 Offering a selection of Elite riding horses and Select Prospects.

Consignments are now open, please visit artofthecowgirlelitehorsesale.com for more information

The Art of the Cowgirl Elite Ranch Horse Sale is a unique event that will offer a select group of horses that are the product of some of the handiest women in the ranching industry.  We selected a small group of horses that showcase an equally talented group of horsewomen, and provide the highest quality prospective mounts for potential buyers. It is our goal to exhibit the kind of horses that have seen a real “hard days work”, and have been exposed to a variety of situations. If we are being completely honest, we wanted the “fancy ones” and knew these handy women were where to find them! 

We want potential buyers to feel like they not only know the horses being offered personally, but the individuals who are consigning them as well. Through photos, videos and frequently updated information on each Sale horse, we want those who are interested in purchasing a horse to feel like they’ve rode along with these ladies while they doctor cattle, wean calves, ship in the fall and all the other tasks expected of these horses day to day.  This sale is about promoting each talented horsewoman’s own program and building relationships that could potentially last a lifetime. 

This sale will include money earners in Ranch Rodeo events, Rodeo events, Cow horse and Ranch Horse Versatility.  The sale will also feature seasoned ranch and trail horses. There is a small number of young prospects available, all of which have a superb foundation and are ready to go on towards a variety of disciplines. 

 Each horse will have a basic veterinary inspection at check in of the sale.  If the consignor has current X-rays those will be available upon request. No horses will be sifted unless they do NOT pass the vet inspection prior to selling.


 All inquiries leading up to the sale can either be made directly to the consigner or to Mesa Pate, sale director.


Sale Location and Schedule


Gallatin County Fairgrounds

901 N Black Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715


Sunday, June 27th

Previews will start at 8 AM on Sunday, June 27th





Terms of Sale

All buyers must register prior to bidding either on site or online at cci.live

Health certificates, coggins and bill of sale will be provided at the office following sale

All payment arrangements must be made prior to loading from Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre

Animals sell AS IS.  Pre purchase services are available during the event.

A Note from Mesa Pate

While I wanted to continue the message of Art of the Cowgirl in celebrating the Women of the West, my selection of the consigners for this sale was NOT solely based on the these individuals being women.  I took great consideration in all factors in choosing not only horses but the consigners as well, including their partnership with spouses and significant others. It takes more than one person to produce the kind of horses I wanted for this sale, and most of these horses are the product of many hours spent between family members.  It’s been proven over and over: great partnerships create great horses.

The reason I really got on board with this being a sale exclusively for women is because I see first hand the absolute pride ranch women put in their horses.  There are a lot of women out there behind the scenes of some of the greatest horses we have seen, and I’m proud to take part in celebrating that.

Some of these horses may actually belong to the consigners husband, significant other, ranch owner, etc. Honestly, that makes no difference to me. The only horses that make it to the sale ring will be the ones that exhibit a great partnership with each lady, and those that show the ability to be safe, fun and versatile partners for their new potential owners.  The women we selected are capable of producing horses that can be taken to the arena or straight onto the trail with various levels of rider.

We are proud of the women that make up the western industry, and we are proud to offer this group of horses. 


Mesa Pate, Event Director