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Workshops Overview


2020 Fellowship Fundraiser Event

Big Timber, MT

Horsemanship Clinic with Lee Smith and the Pate Family

July 11-13, 2020



Please email Jaimie to be placed on the waitlist.

Spend three days in Montana riding with our Master Horsewoman Lee Smith and the Pate Family. This clinic will include horsemanship with Lee, and cattle handling and ranch roping with the Pate Family. This is a uniquely formatted clinic where you can pick and choose which sessions you want to ride in. Spend all three days riding with Lee, all three days riding with Pates, or mix and match each day to ride with both! 

All experience levels welcome and proceeds go towards Art of the Cowgirl’s Fellowship Program. 

Stalls and dry camping available on location for small charge. Auditors welcome for $30/day

Stock Dog Workshop with Laura Stimatze

July 11-12, 2020


Stock Dog workshop with 2020 Art of the Cowgirl presenter, Laura Stimatze. Laura and her husband reside in Kansas and raise angus cattle as well as train and breed high quality stock dogs through their business Stimatze Working Cow Dogs. Laura teaches ladies stock dog workshops across the country 

This clinic is open to all breeds and levels. Live cattle available to work. Auditors are welcome for $50/day 

Proceeds go towards the Fellowship Program.

Cinch Building Workshop with Tia Watson

July 11-12, 2020


Learn the fundamentals of cinch making from the 2018 cinch maker of the year, Tia Watson.

In this class we will learn the basics of building 17 strand cinch, proper tension and construction with the main focus being the comfort of the horse. We will go over how to measure out correct cordage for the body of the cinch (8 ply) and how to calculate design detail footage (2 ply). All knots and tying techniques will be gone over. We will cover how to properly measure a horse for cinch fit, go over different types of Cinches and saddle riggings and how to pick the correct cinch type for saddle rigging/ horse body type.

This class will include all materials to construct one 17 strand cinch, a loom, specialty tools needed to build Cinches and a set of instructions with “the basics” to help you along. What you’ll need to bring to class is a cloth tape measure, a sharp pair of scissors, a note book and a pen or pencil for note taking.

Extra materials will be available for purchase at the class.

Proceeds go to the Fellowship Program.

Sandy Collier Working Cow Horse Clinic

August 26th and 27th, 2020

Heart K Arena Livingston, MT



Come ride with World Champion Sandy Collier. Sandy is Art of the Cowgirl’s 2020 Master Horsewoman and partial proceeds from this clinic benefit the Fellowship Program. In this clinic you will learn:


  • Train your horse to be under control, supple, and framed, even at high speeds.
  • How to get a winning spin.
  • Put a willing, dependable, and responsive stop and back-up on your horse, while maintaining softness in the bridle.
  • How to lope correctly, with your horse’s down, back rounded, and driving from behind while on a loose rein.
  • Tips for working with the nervous horse.
  • Learn how and why to “counter canter.”
  • Flying lead changes with confidence.
  • How to isolate different body parts on your horse and make them move independently.
  • How to determine if your horse has an aptitude for working cattle.
  • Secrets to creating a confident, controlled horse while working cattle.
  • Correct placement for control of the cow and how to teach your horse to find it on his own.
  • Learn what professionals know about choosing cattle.
  • Keeping your horse rocked back on his hocks.
  • Learn what the following terms mean and how to fix the ones that need fixing: refocus, hiding, evacuating, climbing, leaking, and more.


Stalls available at the Heart K for $30/night. This clinic will be held in conjunction with Turner Performance Horse Sale on August 29th at the Heart K. Sale preview is on the 28th.

 About Sandy

 Inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2011, and the NRCHA’s Hall of Fame in 2012, Sandy Collier’s successful horse show record is reflective of her hard work, dedication, talent, and integrity as a horse trainer. She was the first and only woman horse trainer to win the prestigious NRCHA (National Reined Cow Horse Association) World Champion Snaffle Bit Futurity. She also won an NRCHA World Champion Snaffle Bit Futurity Reserve Co-Championship in addition to being a regular Finalist there annually. She has been a NRCHA Stallion Stakes Champion, an NRHA Limited Open Champion, and an AQHA World Champion. She has ranked among the year’s top five reined cow horse all-ages, all-divisions riders, and has ranked in the top 10 for NRCHA earnings.

Sandy’s highly respected training methods are the result of a lifetime of success, her positive mental attitude and her personal style as a perfectionist. She has a wealth of advice for riders of every discipline and shares 30+ years of professional experience through her hands-on horse training clinics and training videos. Her rare talent as an educator and speaker may even exceed her exceptional talents as a horse trainer.