THE EVENT   |  June 24th-27th, 2021

3rd Annual All Women’s Ranch Rodeo

Presented by COWGIRL Magazine

June 24th – 27th

All Women’s Ranch Rodeo

4 Woman Teams

$800 fees

Entries open April 8th, 2021


Entries close May 5th or when full

Limited to 25 teams

Top 5 teams to Finals

Prelims will be held on Friday with the top 5 teams coming back for the finals on Saturday. 

Events, schedule and entries will be available soon.


Contestant Information


Entries | $800

Judging & Scoring | Overall points will be determined by placing in scramble, Ranch Horse Class and Finals

Winners |Top Hand will be awarded to the highest scoring contestant (scramble score combined with  ranch horse score and finals scores) 

CONTESTANT MAY ONLY ENTER THE RANCH HORSE CLASS ONE TIME, EVEN IF ENTERED WITH MULTIPLE TEAMS (ONLY in the event that the 30 teams do not fill returning teams will have first priority to double enter)

Points will be awarded for the top 10 placings in each event:

1st place = 10 points

2nd Place = 9 points

3rd place = 8 points

4th place = 7 points

5th place  = 6 points

6th place = 5 points

7th place = 4 points

8th place = 3 points

9th place = 2 points

10th place = 1 point

Each event of the scramble will be combined for one overall score for the scramble. All event points will be added to determine aggregate. 

The Ranch Horse and overall Scramble will be paid out along with Finals. 5 places will be paid in the Scramble, Ranch Horse and Finals

Additional event rules and points:

  •  CONDUCT – THERE WILL BE NO WHINING, BAD MOUTHING, FIGHTING OR EXCESSIVE DRAMA TOLERATED! Any Art of the Cowgirl event production members (They will be listed) and/or judges have the right to eject anyone from the event at any time if they feel that is not being respected. This is an event put on for all of us to go spend a few days in the sunshine, rope, have fun and make a little money. Any person or group disrupting that for any reason will not be allowed to compete or spectate
  • DRESS CODE – Western attire (Cowboy hat, button down shirt and cowboy boots) must be worn in the arena during competition
  • Rubber on horns IS ALLOWED
  • Tie downs, cavessons, etc are allowed other than during the ranch horse



For stalling information please contact:

Savanna Simmons

(307) 920-0621



Event Rules

Ranch Horse | Due to having the ground deep, we will be having a box, fence and rope only, no reining.

One rider will enter the arena and call for a cow.  Cow will be boxed until rider feels she has control of the cow.  Rider must go down the fence and make one fence turn (at least) past the center marker.  After fence turns rider will take down her rope, neck the cow with a legal head catch and stop the cow.  Run is complete when the rope is right and the cow faces


Scramble | Sort 3, doctor 1, team rope 2

Sort: 1 team member rides in the herd and sorts 3 head (tag numbers will be given). The other 3  members will hold the gate. Cattle will be penned. Can only rope if the 3 designated cattle are sorted into the arena. If extras get through the gate  they must be put back in the herd before ropes can come down. 3 minute time limit 


  • 10 seconds for each extra cow that goes through the gate 


  • Excessive roughness on cattle. ZERO TOLERANCE. JUDGE HAS THE RIGHT TO DQ AT ANY TIME.
  • Failing to sort 3 designated cattle in 3 minutes

Doctor: 1 cow will be roped by the head and heels, ropes set and chalked on the head 


  • +5 seconds for dallying on a high hock 


  • Excessive roughness on cattle. ZERO TOLERANCE. JUDGE HAS THE RIGHT TO DQ AT ANY  TIME. 
  • Illegal head catch. 1 front leg is legal 

Team roping: Members will split into two teams and head and heel the remaining 2 cows. Flag will drop  when ropes are tight and horses are faced 


  • +5 seconds for one leg 


  • Excessive roughness on cattle. ZERO TOLERANCE. JUDGE HAS THE RIGHT TO DQ AT ANY TIME.
  • Illegal head catch. Slick horns, head and half head are the only legal head catches during the  team roping 

8 loop limit total on all events 

Times on all events will be added together and penalties added for overall total time 


Gallatin County Fairgrounds

The Art of the Cowgirl Summer Event
June 24th-27th

 901 N Black Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715