THE EVENT   |   JANUARY 24-26, 2020

January 23-24, 2020

All Women’s Ranch Rodeo


The 2020 All Women’s Ranch Rodeo will be held at the South Buckeye Equestrian and Event Center in Buckeye, Arizona. 

The Ranch Rodeo Teams consist of 4 women. The Top 4 teams come back (clean slate) to short round Saturday, January 25th at Corona Ranch in Phoenix, AZ.

Each individual can enter on two teams, but second team has to be made up of at least two different members than original team.

The Ranch Rodeo Preliminaries are FREE TO WATCH!

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Friend of the Cowgirl Shootout

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Event Schedule

Thursday, January 23rd

Ranch Rodeo Ranch Horse Class Preliminaries

Friday, January 24th

Ranch Rodeo Preliminaries at South Buckeye Equestrian Center in Buckeye, AZ

Saturday, January 25th

Top 4 Teams compete in Finals at Corona Ranch in Phoenix, AZ

Ranch Rodeo Finals presented by J5 Horse Ranch

Contestant Information



Entries | $500 with 85% payback

Scoring | The cutting portion will be judged while the roping portion will be timed.  The two will be combined to determine overall score. Breakdown of judging system will be posted PRIOR TO EVENT.  This will be a basic system fit for a ranching situation.

Legal quit | When the cow turns away from the rider or stops all four feet (try to keep in simple).

Judging & Scoring | Judging, scoring information and rules for the entire ranch rodeo, including the Ranch Horse class, will be posted prior to event, along with projected payout.

Order of Events | All horse show classes will be run first, prior to any other events.

Winners | Top Hand and Top Horse will be selected by Judges

Finals |  Finals events held on Saturday TBD


Event Rules

Sort & Doctor | Four contestants enter a fenced off portion of arena where the herd is settled.  One team member/horse will be designated to go out of the herd. Three members will serve as herd help.  Additional herd help will be provided. One contestant will enter the herd, cut a cow (number will be given to work) and work the cow until the cow legally quits or until 30 seconds is up. 

  • Judges can give one new cow if they feel the cow provided is not workable. After the legal quit or 30 seconds is up (whistle will blow) all four contestants can drive the animal through the gate, regroup, then rope, lay down and set ropes.  Animal needs to be chalked.

Branding | Two team members horseback, two working the ground.  Ropes must be set on front and hind feet before one member returns to get iron.  The animal must be “branded” before time is called. Ground and horseback members then switch and repeat the process.  Two head must be roped and branded to complete run.

Team roping | All four members enter arena, two members head and heel one animal while the other two members head and heel the other animal. Time is called when both sets of ropes are tight. One leg +5

Rein/Fence work | One competitor will enter the arena, do a simple reining pattern (pattern TBD) then call for their cow. Upon receiving a cow in the arena the contestant must hold that cow on the prescribed end of the arena for a sufficient time to demonstrate the ability of the horse to contain the cow at that end (box). After a reasonable amount of time, the contestant must take the cow down the fence, past the center marker, and make at least one turn each way on the fence. After completing the fence turns required, the contestant can release control of the cow.  

  • Contestant must track and make a legal head catch, dally and stop the cow. Dragging the cow in the opposite direction is not required.  Three loop limit per contestant. New cow can be given by judges. Second cow must be run, only two cows per contestant.

Ranch Horse Class | Each team must designate one team member/horse to compete in the Elite Ranch Horse.  Their scores from the rein/fence work will count towards both the rodeo aggregate and Elite Ranch Horse event/side pot.



South Buckeye Equestrian and Event Center

10300 South Miller Road
Buckeye, Arizona 85326

For stalling needs at South Buckeye Equestrian Center please text Tammy Nahrgang at 623-210-1197.

Please text name, date of arrival, date of departure, and number of stalls needed.