THE EVENT   |  January 13-17, 2021
DX Iyama Poco Dancer

DX Iyama Poco Dancer LOT # C1

2017 AQHA Mare

Consigned By: Zach Ducheneaux & Jenn Zeller

This 3 year old filly is the culmination of 40+ years of the breeding program at The DX Ranch.  She’s been friendly since she was days old, always wanting you to pet her, and hunting for scratches. Her sire, Poco Tivio Pep, is the ranch's go-to babysitter horse and is one of the favorite sires. His get are always easy to start, and willing to please. They are used on the ranch for every job and he has two offspring currently heading for the barrel racing arena. Her dam has produced colts on the place for nearly 20 years and has produced some of the gentlest, easiest to start horses in the herd, and in The DX Ranch herd, that says a lot. If not for the Art of the Cowgirl event, she’d be destined for the DX Ranch broodmare herd as she may well be the the last filly out of this mare. She should be able to go any direction you choose for her and do well for anyone.  *Note: she does have a split ear and wire cut on the right front.

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