THE EVENT   |   JANUARY 24-26, 2020

Working Cow Dog Workshop


With Laura Stimatze

Women’s Only Cowdog Training Clinic

January 22nd and 23rd, 2020

John Volken Academy Ranch

8:00am – 5:00pm Both Days

This is a great opportunity to work with one of the best in the stock dog industry, Laura Stimatze. Laura will be presenting at the 2020 Art of the Cowgirl January 24-26 at the Corona Ranch. She is offering a 2-Day Cow Dog Workshop where you can bring your dog and learn from her with other women. Open to all levels and all breeds of Cattle dogs. You will only work cattle at this clinic so please no dogs under 10 month old. All phases of work will be covered at this event.

If you cannot bring your dog along but still want to participate, email for more information.

This class is limited to 12 participants.

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Laura Stimatze, Stimatze Working Cowdogs

Laura and Husband Joe live on a farm/ranch near Macksville, KS. They have 200 head of Angus cows and grow various feed and crops. In 1980 when the two married, Laura had a Border Collie and Joe had a blue heeler. Those two dogs worked for Joe in the feed yard for several years. Laura was raised with cowdogs and her Dad trained dogs for many years after being a Horse trainer/Cowboy most of his life. Joe always said he would switch to border collies if he could find one as tough as his heelers. LR Alexander was the person that made the introduction to Cow bred Border Collies.

A few years later, Tony McCallum came to the US from Australia and introduced them to another line of Cow bred Border Collies. A short haired, long legged dog, that was as tough as the Alexander bred dogs but where easier to train. From those two lines the Stimatze Working Cowdogs evolved. The McCallum lines dominate the Stimatze program but the low heel bite that they love to see comes from that pinch of Alexander in the dogs. Stimatze’s started with a few dogs of each line and bred those dogs to some of the great dogs from those lines. To this day there have been no outside dogs added to those original dogs for 20 years.

All of the Stimatze dogs have Jag, a double bred Mccallum Boss, several times on the pedigree. There are still a handful of dogs on hand that are 100% McCallum blood. The dogs are now referred to as Stimatze Dogs and the decision of what dogs to mate to what have been made by Joe and Laura for a long time. But credit for the great lines they started with will always go Alexander and McCallum.

Currently the Stimatze’s raise a few liters of pups a year. Laura is training a few outside dogs and has been traveling to put on a few dog training clinics each year. One of the Highlight clinics each year is her Women’s Only Cowdog Clinic. This event is being held spring and fall and is on its 8th or 9th year. The fall clinic will be held at CPH arena in Owasso Oklahoma. Laura and Robin Brown from Idaho will be teaching this year. Laura has brought in different trainers to help teach over the years. Lacey Haskell of Kansas and Myra Bradford of Arkansas have been guest clinicians. Laura hopes to continue this semi annual event adding different Lady instructors as they go. The Women’s Only is a great time for like minded women to get together and train dogs.

Laura is also teaching two other clinics this fall , one in Kansas and one in Nebraska. She will also be doing Demos at two other Kansas Events. She also gives private lessons. If you are interested in learning more about any of these events or lessons.