Liberty Clinic with Niki Flundra


Introduction to Liberty Training and Ground Work
With Niki Flundra
Two Half Days
Saturday, January 20th Noon-4pm
Sunday, January 21st 1pm-5pm

This clinic focuses on Ground Work exercises that set you and your horse up with a great foundation for communicating effectively with timing and release. You will focus on body control along with connection that both transfer to ridden work.

 It will also cover how to hook your horse up with you to stay with you at liberty. This clinic’s objective is to give you the horsemanship tools to apply to create a soft, willing partner whether for a performance discipline or just for fun! 

When we become more mindful of our own intention, energy, and body language and combine that with correct and practical techniques great progress is made. 

*Regular 5 day pass to Art of the Cowgirl January 17th-21st is included in this workshop fee. Participants’ names will automatically be added to the will call list and you can redeem at the gate*

Must bring your own horse to participate and stalls and RV spaces are available at Horseshoe Park. Contact Jennifer Broadhead at 480-358-3793.

Workshop cancellations will be refunded until January 1. No refunds will be given for cancellations after January 1, 2024.

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