Leather Class with Emily Westphal of Little Larkspur Leather


This two-day workshop will focus on tooling, staining & painting a scene unto a leather field-notes cover. We will begin with raw materials and work all the way through to a completed project. Students will be provided everything they need in the class including a tool kit to take home and booklet with patterns, how-tos, resources and recommendations. The booklet will contain multiple tooling patterns for students to choose from.  The tool kit will include a maul, basic tooling stamps, swivel knife, rouge, cutting knife, stitching hole punch, needles, thread, awl, burnishing canvas, modeling spoon and stylus. Cutting mats, pounding blocks, edge bevelers, stains, paints and finishing products will be provided for use in class. The goal of this class is for students to have a firm understanding of how to follow a pattern and create a tooled leather item from scratch. This class will go over some basic techniques as well as trade tips and tricks.

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