THE EVENT   |  June 24th-27th, 2021

2021 Videography Clinic with Natalie McFarland


Natalie McFarland, owner of McFarland Productions, will help walk you through a plan to shoot to edit to delivery process for this Art of the Cowgirl exclusive videography course. Each student will get the opportunity to film and produce their own short highlight reel for an assigned topic during the course. Films will be featured by Art of the Cowgirl on their social media channels.
Day 1, starting in the classroom, you will learn about equipment, technical specifications, typical settings for common scenarios, basics of your camera’s video function, and a workflow to think about before you head out to shoot. Then, move into shoot planning where each student will be assigned a topic to film at the Art of the Cowgirl event. You will work through planning your video and then do some shooting practice before heading out to film your assigned topics. Natalie will assist students in capturing usable and creative footage for each of their assignments.
Day 2, we will head back for the classroom to talk about post-shoot workflow, then begin that process on your short clip you will be producing as part of the course. From file and storage management to nomenclature, Natalie will share her process in organizing all the data before opening Premiere Pro. The class will work through licensing music beds, resources for licensing, and understanding licensing. Then, move into Premiere Pro where we will cover the basics of editing and edit each student’s short films.
Gain technical understanding of video production, plan for a shoot, further your in camera shooting skills, learn about data management, and produce a finished short film in this exclusive 2 day course with Natalie McFarland. Natalie will not be offering any more videography courses in 2021. This is an Art of the Cowgirl exclusive course. And, get the chance to be featured on Art of the Cowgirl’s social media channels with your new short film.
Topics Covered In This Course
Technical Video Specifications
Planning a Shoot
Camera Operation
Capturing Creative and Interesting Footage
Data Management
Premiere Pro Editing Basics
Music Licensing
Students Needs
DSLR, Mirrorless or Cinema Camera with Interchangeable Lens
Camera Must be Capable of a Minimum of 1080p resolution at 29.9 FPS or Greater (Email with Questions)
A 55 MM or Less Lens (Prime Lenses Preferred)
Memory Cards Appropriate for Video Production According to your Camera Manual
Adobe Premiere Pro (If you don’t have this, 1 workstation will be available)
External Hard Drive 1TB or Larger (Recommend Seagate Brand. Solid State Drives are best, but not required.)
Charged Batteries
Good to Bring
Stabilizers (tripod, monopod, gimbal, shoulder mount, etc) especially if shooting in 29.9 FPS
Multiple Lenses
If you have something specific you would like to ask in advance regarding course requirements or needs, please email with questions.

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