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Robin Bond

Robin Bond

Robin Bond is a professional horsewoman who specializes in Working Equitation and Ranch Horse events. Her style is an unconventional blend of disciplines, leaning heavily to Classical Dressage and California Bridle Horse. She has had competitive success in dressage, reining, reined cow horse, extreme cowboy race and now, Ranch Horse and Working Equitation. Operating from Rancho Descanso, Valley Center, CA, Robin currently holds the lead nationally in level 6 (of 7) open competition with United States Working Equitation, and in 2019 was Regional Champion in level 4.

The two events, Working Equitation and Ranch Horse, are related. In fact, they are the same event, done in different degrees of collection to accommodate different traditions, terrain, and cattle. In the United States, we are pretty familiar with the Ranch Horse Versatility competitions that are so popular now. Working Equitation is Ranch Horse: European style, and more specifically: Iberian style.

During Art of the Cowgirl, Robin will showcase some of the maneuvers and obstacles used in Working Equitation’s four phases, Dressage, Ease of Handling ( trail obstacles judged ), Speed  ( trail obstacles timed ) and the Cattle Trial. 



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