Cowdog Trial

Saturday January 20th, 2024

Will have a novice, nursery, intermediate, and open division. 


Cowdog Competition is a point and time event wherein the stock savvy and skill of the dog and handler are put to the test. The competition centers around maneuvering a small group of cattle through a number of obstacles in a set amount of time.

The goal of the Cowdog Trial is to accurately simulate the way in which cow dogs are utilized in everyday cattle operations on working cattle ranches. And, since most cattle operations take care not to run the weight” off their cattle, the Cowdog  Competition places a great deal of emphasis on the stockmanship of the handler and the quiet and controlled manner in which the dog maneuvers the cattle.

  Our cowdog trial on foot and not horseback.

This fast growing sport originated out west.

 With minimal rules governing the competitions and great prize money, the main emphasis is on fun!