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Art of the Cowgirl Showcases Horses and Art

in Celebration of Western Women

PHOENIX, Arizona. (Feb. 1, 2019) — Art of the Cowgirl, a celebration of cowgirls and their contributions to the western lifestyle and culture, will be held February 8-10, 2019 at the Corona Ranch and Rodeo Grounds.

“Women hold beautiful, important roles and have truly shaped the western lifestyle and industry,” says Tammy Pate, Art of the Cowgirl founder. “Our event honors these women by showcasing their artistic talents and horsemanship skills, all to ensure the future of western trades. We’ve put together a gathering unlike any other and are so excited to bring everyone together.”

Over three days, there will be artist and horsemanship demonstrations, a western maker trade show, a photo gallery, a benefit art auction, an all-women’s ranch rodeo, a western music concert featuring Trinity Seely, the Genuine Cowgirls and more, and an elite ranch horse sale. While Art of the Cowgirl celebrates women in the western industry, the event also honors strong partnerships between spouses, friends and families. All are encouraged to attend — men, women and children alike.

Art of the Cowgirl, a non-profit organization, was founded to provide opportunities for emerging western artists to learn from some of the most talented master makers in the business. Whether it be a fine art, functional trade or horsemanship, these fellowships will enrich, empower and educate while honoring western heritage. The fellowship seeks to remove obstacles such as funding and access for up-and-coming artists, without restriction of age, gender or location. Proceeds from Art of the Cowgirl will fund these educational fellowships.

Art of the Cowgirl 2019 Fellowships include a saddle-making fellowship with master artist Nancy Martiny of Martiny Saddle in May, Idaho, and a horsemanship fellowship with master horsewoman Lee Smith of Lee Smith Horsemanship in New Mexico. More fellowships will be awarded after the Art of the Cowgirl event, as funding allows.

“By establishing these fellowships and investing in up-and-coming artists, we will foster creativity and preserve traditional western art and trades,” Pate says. “Art of the Cowgirl celebrates the history behind these western trades and makes sure emerging makers have the opportunity to build successful businesses for themselves.”

For a schedule of events, listing of artisans, lists of auction or horse sale consignments and to purchase event tickets visit www.artofthecowgirl.com or find Art of the Cowgirl on Facebook.

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Candace Weeda | candace@artofthecowgirl.com

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