THE EVENT   |  January 13-17, 2021

Live Art Auction

2020 Live Auction Items

Lot #1

“Mother’s Heart” Bronze Sculpture by Kinsey Artfitch

Lot #2

Handmade Leather Pillows by Dallas Gordon

Lot #3

“Miss Kitty” 24×36 Framed Print by Lauren Summers

Lot #4

Custom Buckle by Annie Wangsgard and Amy Raymond

Lot #5

Saddle Bags by Toni Kay Tolle

Lot #6

“Art of the Cowgirl” 100X Custom Hat (Size 7 ⅛) by Sheila Kirkpatrick

Lot #7

1 Spot to Sandy Collier Clinic May 4th and 5th

Lot #8

Tooled Saddle Bags by JM Capriolas

Lot #9

“Miss Nevada” 36×24 Framed Canvas Print by Shannon Lawlor

Lot #10

“Heart of the Cowgirl” Spurs by John Mincer

Lot #11

12” Ray Hunt Tree Kids Saddle by Nancy Martiny

Lot #12

“Brewing Storm” 30×40 Print by Barbara Van Cleve

Lot #13

Horse Hair Hitched Quirt by Teresa Black

Lot #14

Custom Leggings by K Bar J Leather, Nancy Martiny, and John Mincer

Silent Art Auction