2024 Master Artists

How to Apply for a Fellowship


The Art of the Cowgirl Fellowship Program will encourage, promote and invest in the development of emerging artists and makers engaged in the unique arts, trades, and horsemanship of the western lifestyle while celebrating tradition and inspiring innovation through mentorship from established leaders in their fields. Through this program, Art of the Cowgirl will foster creativity and will work to preserve traditional art techniques and functional gear.

The Fellowship Program is Tammy Pate’s original dream of providing an opportunity for western artists to work with masters — a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn or refine their passion with some of the most talented makers in the business. Whether it be a fine art, functional trade or horsemanship, these fellowships will enrich, empower and educate while honoring our western heritage. The fellowship seeks to remove obstacles such as funding and access for up and coming artists, without restriction of age or location.

Applications will be reviewed until March 31, 2024.


Art of the Cowgirl provides the following for each Fellowship Recipient:

  • Teaching fees
  • Materials and supplies
  • Room and board (if provided by the Master)
  • Travel
  • Housing

Recipients must be 18 years of age or older and must be able to complete their fellowship before December 31st of their award year.

While individuals may apply for fellowships more than once, selected recipients may not be awarded fellowship more than once.

Recipient Requirements
  •  18 years of age or older
  • Able to complete fellowship before Dec. 31st of 2024.
  • Able to attend and present work at Art of the Cowgirl event in 2025. 
  • Meet minimum skill and experience requirement as determined by Master.
  • Applications will require: Art of the Cowgirl fellowship application, pictures of recent work and/or video demonstrating minimum skill requirements
  • Recipient awarded will be required to have signed releases and proof of health insurance
Program Details
  • Recipient will receive: supplies and materials, travel, room and board at Master’s location, travel expenses to Art of the Cowgirl event for presentation 2025.
  • Each recipient will have a completed piece of work or agreed upon task at conclusion of fellowship period
  • Recipients will be required to complete fellowships in the 2024 calendar year and present work at the 2025 Art of the Cowgirl event
  • Recipients will be required to donate a completed piece for the 2025 Fellowship Auction
  • Recipients will be required to sign contracts and releases before funds will be released 
  • Recipients will be chosen by Fellowship Selection committee

2024 Fellowship Applications